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So, who am I?

"What is a website?" is probably the most important question that any business owner can ask before they waste a lot of money. Understanding "what a web site is", "how it works", "what it can do" and how it needs to present real information, is the first step in making good web site design decisions.

It is my duty to provide my customers with the website that is exactly what they have visualized it to be like. It is the distinct quality of my websites that sets my work apart from another web site designer. Until I began compiling my projects, including graphic print, digital video and web interactivity for my portfolio, I really did not appreciate how much I have accomplished.

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Gathering this information into one place has helped me definemy career aspirations more clearly, as well as provide a level of confidence that I did not previously have. It's been a great learning experience that I would recommend to anyone. The process of putting together evidence, experiences and accomplishments seems to be as much if not more valuable than the web pages that make up my portfolio. Welcome to FocusDesignz, a place where I'm sure you will recognize my high level of Initiative and imagination.

A good business site can be defined as a site that provides visitors with good information about all aspects of the business it represents. Business sites need to give visitors a credible amount of free information to deserve the trust they expect from their customers.

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I'm a designer with satisfied clients. Whether you are an individual requiring a small website or a large corporation, contact me to discuss your needs.